The products we offer to our clients are mostly made of high-quality oak wood, from the famous Slavonian oak. In addition to oak, there are also products made of ash wood, which also have excellent characteristics and are very popular with customers.

Oak, (lat. quercus robur)

Oak has excellent technical and technological properties, so it finds a very wide application in the wood industry and is one of the most sought-after types of wood. It has great aesthetic characteristics and is characterized by longevity and great durability, so it is highly valued in the furniture industry, parquet production - oak parquet is usually the first choice of customers, in the production of veneers, railway sleepers, carpentry, shipbuilding, etc.

Oak products that we can offer:

  • - Prime Grade Square Edge Planks*
  • - I-II Quality Square Edge Planks*
  • - I-III Waney Edge Plans*
  • - A-B-C Strips*
  • - Natura & Rustic Parquet flooring

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Ash, (lat. fraxinus excelsior)

Ash wood, as well as oak, is an extremely durable and high-quality material, easy to process and characterized by good flexibility. It is widely used in the wood industry, in outdoor and indoor space - in the production of veneers, furniture, parquet, etc. Unlike oak, it is lighter in color and has a natural shine, which is why the sale of ash parquet is very popular.

Ash products in our offer:

  • - A-B-C Strips*
  • - Natural & Rustic Parquet flooring

Among other things, we can provide freshly cut materials, as well as those thermally processed in the dryer.

Here you can see everything ash products.

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