Oak, lat: Quercus Robur

Thanks to its excellent technical and technological features, oak and oak products such as oak beams, oak leaves and others, have a very wide application in the wood industry and are one of the most sought after types of wood.

Another great advantage offered by oak planks, as well as other oak elements, are the great aesthetic characteristics of this tree. Due to its appearance and bright color obtained after finishing, oak veneer and other products are in great demand and popular thanks to their ability to easily fit into different styles and interiors, as well as for different needs.

When it comes to oak planks, in addition to the tempting aesthetic moment, it is also characterized by great durability and longevity. Products made from this wood often remain unchanged for decades, which is, without a doubt, a feature of high quality.
Oak frieze is also widely used in the wood industry, as a semi-finished product that is further used in the production of furniture, parquet, etc. Due to all the above, oak wood is extremely sought after, and Slavonian oak is especially valued.
Oak parquet stands out, which is usually the first choice of customers, because it meets all their needs - both those related to quality and durability, and those related to the aesthetic moment. In addition to furniture and parquet, oak plank is widely used in shipbuilding, carpentry, production of railway sleepers, etc.

Oak products

  • -Oak beam
  • - Oak frieze
  • - Oak board I-III class
  • - Oak elements
  • - Oak parquet in natural and rustic variants
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Proizvodnja hrasta