Purchase of logs and prism beams

As we have significantly expanded our business over time, so has the need for larger quantities of sawmill material, so we also buy prism beams (flitch), oak and ash logs and other timber.
We continuously purchase logs, which we then use in further production. Thanks to numerous collaborations with other companies, as well as expanding and improving our own production, we also need wood assortments in larger quantities.

Our turner has many years of experience in the production of timber, and as we have gained new experience over the years and expanded our business, so there was a need to purchase timber, so we buy oak logs.
Considering that we basically base our activity on the production of ash elements, parquet, boards, etc., we also purchase ash logs.

Also, we purchase linden logs, and for our production, the prism of the beams, which we purchase equally, are also important.

In addition to oak and ash, we continuously purchase beech logs, as well as pine, poplar, walnut, etc. logs.
Due to the increased volume of production, therefore, we are constantly buying logs and prism beams in order to fully use the capacity of our sawmills and dryers and at the same time respond to market demands, and above all our customers.

Log procurement & oak beams