Ash lat. fraxinus excelsior

Ash board and, in general, ash wood is an extremely high quality and durable material. Like oak, ash beam , as well as ash elements , but also other products and semi-finished products of this wood are very widely used in the wood industry, both externally and internally. . The production of furniture is very popular, as well as parquet from this wood - ash parquet , as well as oak, is one of the most sought after on the market.
Ash leaves , ash solitary , as well as others, are very popular due to their ability to be easily processed, as well as extremely good flexibility.

When it comes to the aesthetic characteristics of ash, it is a light-colored tree (even lighter than oak) that has a natural shine - so it is a tree whose appearance will satisfy even those with the most refined taste. Ash veneer fits very well into different types of interiors, so it is, among other things, extremely popular.

When it comes to our company, due to continuous production, we also buy materials, so we always need ash logs .

Ash products:

  • - Ash frieze
  • - Ash board I-III class
  • - Ash elements
  • - Ash parquet in natural and rustic variants