Quercus parquet is a family business that has been successfully producing oak for two generations. In the beginning, the production included parquet oak of the highest quality, and over time, our activity has been extended to numerous other products and services. Now we offer our products and services and drying of timber, purchase and sale of logs, production of elements, etc.
Thanks to the achieved success in business and the proven quality of our products, we quickly became one of the most competitive companies in our market and managed to achieve many successful collaborations with other companies. Just some of the companies we work with are Tarkett, Spin Wallis, Garbelotto, Wood Industry Cora ...
In production we use Slavonian oak (pedunculate oak) which is considered to be the highest quality oak in the world and has a huge commercial potential. This type of wood allows us to produce oak planks of the highest quality.
After many years of successful business, we decided to expand our business in another way - from the beginning of 2022, Quercus Parket is officially in a strategic partnership with Campico Global Flooring, which operates in Serbia through Campico DOO. It is a joint venture with one of the largest manufacturers of solid oak ship floors from China.
Campico Global Flooring is a company that stands side by side with other global manufacturers of marine flooring, which it achieves thanks to its large production capacity of 13,000,000 m2 annually, and as much as 90% of their sales end up in the United States market. The final production is located in Cambodia.
Our job, as their key strategic partner, is to provide the necessary quantities of wood assortments needed for the lamella production cycle, as well as the premises and machinery intended for primary and secondary wood processing.

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