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Production facility

Our production facility is based in the beautiful district of Srem in the small town of, Ljukovo, just a few kilometres from the city of Indjija and forty-five minutes from both the capital city of Belgrade...

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Oak and Ash
Parquet, Planned all-round timber, BOULES, Wood flooring, Wood veneers, Squares, Parquet strips, Rustic flooring...

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Our factory contains all the necessary office space to conduct finance and bureaucracy efficiently and in a representable manner while handling in a professional and timely manner the information flow.

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About Us

Quercus parket is an independent craft consignment shop, situated in the wood production industry as one of the leading producers of Oak and Ash: wood flooring, parquet and wood building components.
The company has been present in the growing and competitive Serbian market since 1996, thus, as a direct result, it has become one of the leading ‘’figures’’ of wood production.

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